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Designed for a warm and loving close-knit family, the brief was to create a family home that evokes a sense of ‘hygge’ – spaces that feel relaxed, warm and inviting. In a world that seems to get busier every day, the need to have a space to sit back, relax and enjoy the small things in life has become even more sacred than before. Our clients Shwetha and Deepak wanted this home to be their personal oasis – a getaway from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. 

The villa was designed to retain its openness and fluidity, allowing the family a home they could live in and grow into over the years. We re-used whatever was possible of the client’s existing old heirloom pieces, rather than fabricating everything new, to bring a sentimental value and a sense of belonging while also helping keep the budget in check. The design style is transitional, and eclectic where spaces are designed to be open, clutter-free and inviting. Shweta who loves cooking and entertaining was keen that the kitchen, the heart of the house, be a space that embraced colour. This was the one space where we went bold with deep green shaker-style cabinetry combined with a cheerful patterned black and white backsplash and oakwood accents. 

The fact that we could bring this home to life just as we imagined with a minimal material palette was a source of great satisfaction. The project was the journey of making a house a home, a home far away from the proverbial madding crowd.


1 foyer b.JPG


2 living c.JPG
2 living g.JPG
2 living d.jpg


3 dining a.JPG
3 dining b.JPG
3 dining room d.JPG


4 kitchen a.JPG
4 kitchen c.JPG


bespoke painted deep green shaker-style cabinetry​ combined with a delicate printed backsplash tile and floating wooden shelves add character and create a homey, welcoming ambience.


4 kitchen b.JPG


5 powder room a.jpg
5 powder room b.JPG


6 father_s room a.JPG


a little can sometimes go a long way:

a functional


clutter-free look



6 father_s room b.JPG
7 father_s bathroom b.JPG
7 father_s bathroom a.JPG


8 family room a.JPG


9 master bedroom a.JPG
10 master toilet c.JPG
10 master toilet a.JPG


11 daughter_s room a.JPG
11 daughter_s toilet a.JPG



a delicate pastel palette


white, teal blue and pink

for an open, cheerful


elegant look.


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