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"Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends. It’s a personal space and one always wants the architect to understand your idea of home and see the beauty that one finds  in the place we call home. I can gladly say Sneha was just that, she understood what our new home meant to us and saw the beauty of the place with its imperfections. She masterfully opened up the rooms and expanded them making it spacious giving a glimpse of the dining and kitchen. The moment we enter our home, her brilliant usage of colours interspaced with light brings  a warm welcoming feel that has a calming effect. Every room was so carefully and tastefully designed embodying  a unique character to each space. Guests who visit us are awestruck and compliment us that the house looks  like a resort. 


Sneha has been a patient yet practical architect who worked with us politely ensuring that all requirements were within timelines and cost budgets. She has been an honest custodian of our dreams. 


I thank God that he gave us this opportunity to work with her and she indeed is a great blessing to us."

Shweta and Deepak Pothen

Sycon Maitri, Whitefield

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