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Studio Zoha was founded in 2018 by Sneha Kuriyan as a boutique interior design firm with the intent of creating personalized, thoughtful, and well-curated spaces with soul. The core idea was simple - to look at each space as a fresh blank canvas and bring to light the best it has to offer.


Sneha started her career as a civil engineer after her post-graduation from IIT Mumbai. After a brief but enriching experience in a civil engineering MNC, she decided to take a short sabbatical. It was during this time that she began  her pursuit in exploring design. With the intent of honing her skills, she joined a leading architectural and interior design firm in Bangalore. It was after having gathered more than a decade of experience working on a range of residential, commercial and hospital spaces, that she decided to take the plunge and chart her own course.

Borrowing the words of the designer Ilse Crawford - 'Design is a frame for life'. This philosophy kindled in her a profound belief that architecting the interiors of the spaces we live and work in, has a deep impact on one’s emotions - on how we feel and behave, on how we live and ultimately on our overall wellbeing.  In a nutshell, for every space we work on, the intent  is the realisation of this very philosophy.  

Extending this to the Studio’s work, the approach is to build the foundational facets of the design by drawing from the client’s personality rather than being overly influenced by ongoing trends. This is further enhanced by understanding the intent of each space and weaving in subtle aspects from their life into the design, making it both aesthetic and functional. The end goal is to create a sense of belonging – a feeling that transforms the space into one’s home.

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