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Designed for a family of four, this 3400 square feet spacious penthouse was located in one of the well-known developments in Whitefield, Our client’s brief was straightforward right from the outset. The warm and sociable couple who had just moved back to India, from the US, were looking for a new place to call home. The emphasis was to be given to the common spaces on the ground floor where they looked forward to entertaining both friends and family. Much of the loose furniture in the space were pieces the client already possessed and they were looking for us to incorporate them into the design of their new space. As the existing furniture was a mix of pieces largely along classical and traditional lines, we worked around an overall look that could weave in all the different elements together. The attempt was to have a space that was welcoming and warm yet not overly modern. A warm earthy palette was adopted for this space comprising tones of beige, grey, and walnut wood tones.

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